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Answers to Frequesntly asked questions related to ESI like those mentioned below are available for your reference in the attached booklet which is downloadable in pdf format. 

Note: The content in the attached booklet is only for awareness purpose and can’t be referred/ quoted as legal document

Q.What are the establishments that attract coverage under ESI?

Q. Can a factory or establishment once covered go out of coverage if the number of persons employed therein goes down to the minimum limit prescribed?

The Minimum Wages (Delhi) Amendment Act, 2017

As per notification published in the official Delhi Gazette dated 5th May 2018, the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi has amended the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 in its application to the National Capital Territory of Delhi. As per the amendment the definition of State Government has been stated. The amendment has also listed components to be considered in fixing or revising the minimum rates of the wages.